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Popcap Games, creator of titles such as Zuma, Peggle, and Bejeweled, has released a new treasure: Plants Vs. Zombies. Available for both Mac and PC (Console and mobile versions coming soon), this game is the first I’ve seen that brings together both our green-colored world-sharers, and those dastardly flesh-eating corpses we call zombies, in one setting. Earlier attempts at such a thing: Basil Vs. Zombies, and Gardenia Evil 3, failed miserably.


Plants Vs. Zombies excels in many areas. First, it keeps cartoony flair that not only appeals to the younger crowd, but allows for solo play even late at night, without fear of pissing your pants. The way the zombies are rendered, you know they will not harm you – but it’s still intense when your field of plants is in danger.

Secondly, being a casual game, Plants Vs. Zombies is a title that is easy to pickup-and-go, meaning that even if you only have 15 minutes to spare or are busy watching Star Trek, you can still enjoy smaller tidbits of fun. Plus, each level only lasts about 10 minutes, so it can work around any schedule.

Lastly, considering that the world we currently live in is becoming more of a multi-platform society, Pop Cap’s decision to develop for the Mac was a wise one. Case in point: If Pop Cap didn’t make Plants Vs. Zombies for the Mac, I wouldn’t have purchased it. (That is, until the Xbox 360 or iPhone version were made available).

All of that said, if you enjoy zombie culture OR herbology:

GET THIS GAME! ($19.99)

(picture(s) and video(s) courtesy/rights of PopCap Games)

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As the banner above (taken directly from Evernote.com) mentions, Evernote is a piece of software that allows you to sync content from all over the place. Once an (free) account is created, notes can be made from a number of places:

1) Locally on a computer, using their Mac or PC software.
2) iPhone application.
3) Evernote.com. 

Once a note is made (text, audio, or images are acceptable forms of notes – it can even read text FROM images!), content can be synced to-and-from the Evernote universe/cloud.

From a monetary perspective, Evernote banks on the fact that hardcore users of their product will need more bandwidth, which you have to pay monthly for. But, for the average user (like myself – I’ve been a user for almost a year), their 40MB per month cap is more than enough.

So, if you’re like me, and what all of your todos/homework/grocery lists to be synced to multiple locations, CHECK OUT EVERNOTE!

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No, this post isn’t about the little automated blade machine that makes delicious milkshakes and smoothies. It happens to be about open source 3d modeling and programming software, that’s available cross platform (Windows/Mac/Linux).



It fully supports integrated Python scripting, 3d modeling, animation, and physics. Also, because it’s open source, users post to forums at Blender.org about creative scripts that can make coding certain objects and animations even more efficient.

Best of all, it’s free! The only con: the user interface is UGLY. Definitely looks/feels like a Unix program. It’s evidently getting better in the next version, but we’ll see…


(images courtesy of http://www.blender.org)

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Many of you may be familiar with the iPhone app that shares the name with a certain yellow cartoon character. Luckily, Tweetie != Tweety. Atebits, the company behind this amazing Twitter client, has finally released their version of Tweetie for the Mac. Windows/Unix/Linux/Solaris users: You’re all out of luck.


A beautiful application written in Mac OS X native Cocoa (not another Air app, thank god – goodbye, Tweetdeck!), Tweetie is lacking very little. And what it does do well (almost everything), it does REALLY well. Most transitions between individual user pages and tabs are smoothly coded with “shadowy” effects. Also, as pictured below, Tweetie (not unlike it’s iPhone counterpart) handles multimedia within the application, as long as it’s from a known source (Twitpic, for example, is a popular service for hosting pictures).


Don’t get the wrong impression, though – Tweetie isn’t perfect.

Costs $14.95 (although, it’s useable otherwise, if you can stomach a few ads).
Can’t unfollow/follow users from within the application.
No skinning/themes, unlike the iPhone version.

EDIT: Just found out how to follow/unfollow people – it’s just not as obvious as it is in the iPhone version…

Get Tweetie for Mac OS X Now!

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Andy Ihnatko and Scott Bourne. Both are names that are associated with Mac, Technology, and Podcasting. Both are also the founders and bloggers of MYDL.ME, a website dedicated to digital backup. Here’s an excerpt from their about page:

The Managing Your Digital Life Podcast & Blog is your destination for information on how to deal with all the electronic stuff you accumulate during your daily life. We’re here to answer questions like: What sort of hard drive should I buy? How do I create a backup plan? What’s the difference between backup and archive?

Now, some of you will ask: “Isn’t this just a shameless plug and attempt to win a Drobo from Scott Bourne?” I will probably answer, “Yes.” But please visit their site, it will only increase my odds of winning the Data Robotics storage device that will be the end all solution to all of my backup needs. Please!!!



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Described as “an audio-based Journal of Emotional Hygiene,” You Look Nice Today seems to include everything you’ve ever wanted to discuss with your friends – but never do. Featuring “tech celebrity” Merlin Mann, this podcast has bits of humor and intellect for everyone to gain.

If you’ve ever thought about renting a baby, or managing a Christmas tree farm, this podcast might sound familiar.

Oh yeah, and John Hodgman lends a hand (or a voice) with the show, as well.

Take a listen to Episode 27, “Christmas is Near”:

Check it out (or subscribe) on iTunes!

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