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Not man enough to open a bottle of wine??? Maybe the Bourgeois Brass Knuckle wine opener would help put some pep in your step ya fuckin’ milk toast.

Oh and this is just a concept for now… too bad for you…

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So yeah, this is the softer side of Yukon (alexander), but I saw this treehouse today and nearly lost myself.  This is truly amazing. How a group of people led by Linda Aldredge, built this amazing self sustainable structure in the middle of northern NY, still blows my mind and makes my heart yearn for anything that would crawl close to this caliber.  Amenities include solar panels that are attached to the roof for any electrical needs (mainly an iPod for entertainment) and propane tanks for aiding in heat for the winter; not to mention mother nature’s ability to paint beautiful panoramas for your viewing pleasure nearly every single day.   Anyone wanting to follow suit only needs a few supplies…friends (check), imagination (check), booze; for morale (check), and lots of fucking wood + tools (hmmm…)  While I’m working on the latter, anyone wanting to check out more about the treehouse and ideal living (outside of city life) check out Linda’s blog.

Ps. Sorry for the repetitive parentheticals… seemed necessary at the time.

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Welcome Summer music holy fuck!  I know this album came out in January and it’s my fault for not keeping up with my favorite bands but yeah yeah I fucked up. Anyways, Matt & Kim, wow…I … yeah wow, it’s been a while. I remember when I would see them in 10 X 10 rooms with 100 other people crammed in like sardines and the floors felt like they would fall apart any second due to the amount of uninhibited and almost subconsciously habitual dancing.  In fact I was worried about both Matt & Kim for a long time, every show, photo, and video I saw of them they would be smiling… I’m sure at some point some sort of physical therapy ensued for their frozen cheek muscles. Anyways, it’s been a while, they were recently in Athens promoting their new album but I missed it and was thoroughly distraught, but yesterday I saw a Bacardi Mojito commercial and heard their new song “Daylight” and nearly lost my shit, so I scurried to iTunes and purchased their new album.  So glad I did. This new album, within 9 hours, has given inspiration in addition to a few other aids which I will cover soon… be patient…

Okay, okay, let me get to the point.  Matt & Kim’s new album “Grand” is fucking amazing. And so far, it’s my favorite album of the year, so buy it or die. Nuff said.  Oh yeah, here’s a preview of their album…the song below is “Day Light”:

BUY — ($6.99)

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Okay, okay…that’s enough of that..I want a happy meal right now…om nom nom nom.

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This is my dream… I want to quit work right now and jump aboard this adventure.  Swimming Cities include a fleet of 3 vessels that were built from found materials including a modified engine from an old diesel Mercedes.   The crews consist of 30 artists from the states that will be traversing from Slovenia to Venice, Italy.  Check out their site for more info!

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So this morning after traversing through monsoon like rain and twister wind, I finally make it to work. What most know as soaked was an understatement.  Note to self: invest in old school diving suit before next storm.  Anyways I was in a shitty mood because of the weather and the soggy clothes, so I remembered that I had gotten this album a while ago and it would be perfect for my current state.  They have a downgraded folky feel.  It was just what I needed.  Thank you Little Joy. Check out my favorite song after the break.

BUY MP3 ALBUM — ($10)

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Yeah you red… oops read that right. Jenny Wicks is a photographer who became incredibly infatuated with gingers.   It began with personal curiosity and developed into what the FBI would consider an investigation.  She’s recently released a book, “Root Ginger”, that entails photographs of more than 70 redheads, as well as a 20 minute documentary covering myths and insight of the mysterious lives of gingers.

BUY THE BOOK — (£22/$31)

UPDATE: I feel weak. Strange.

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