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Diary of the Dead a film by George A. Romero is the absolute worst zombie movie I have ever seen. The movie is about a group of college kids trying to get home during a zompocalypse or an outbreak on H1Z1 if you will. But each character has to be the most annoying fuck on the face of the earth especially the main character, who won’t put down the camera for his life. I mean for fuck sake if a zombie is attacking you, wouldn’t you throw your camera down and kick some zombie ass? And if you answered no to the previous question you need to just go out and die already because no one is going to help you out in the event of a zompocalypse, in fact they will probably kill you themselves. But aside from that, zombie attacks in this film are a rare occurrence and are extremely shitty. The only bad ass character was this older guy at the end who started killing zombies with a bow and arrow which was just plain awesome. Don’t believe me? Check out the clip below:

Other than the awesome ownage in that scene, you can see how annoying some of the characters are, like the bitch running and screaming like an idiot into another room and right back out a second later, WTF!!!!


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wtf – giant knife.

What the giant fuck is this??? MacGyver would be really pissed… Seriously though, enough is enough.

BUY — ($1400) –Yeah Right…

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wtf – roulette.


What the fuck?! Are you kidding me?? This looks like a fucking blast… uh.. ohhh… yet another…

BUY — ($16)

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Hahahaha what the fuck?! I really hope J.J. Abrams does well with his Star Trek movie, because it look’s like his fans are already preparing for his failure.

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What the fuck is going on here???  I just don’t see this going well in 15 years.  Keep this kid away from any animal larger than him. “I’m sorry Billy, grandma and grandpa just don’t want you visiting the farm any longer…”

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What the fuck android Ben Hur????  Yeah dude, make that phone call… like a robot boss!

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This is going to start a series of the “What the Fuck” for today. So here goes…

What…the…fuck?!?! Is this some kind of throw back to Total Recall???

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