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This moccasin/boat shoe hybrid engineer boot from Vael is fucking amazing. There are three colors, each with a white Vibram Christy outsole. They will be available this fall, but I won’t be after getting a pair of these and trekking off into the wilderness to build my bad ass treehouse.


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Is it just me, or do the Nike Air Yeezys (worn by Kanye West, awaiting public release):

Look just like the Nike Hyperdunks (an ode to the Nikes that graced Marty McFly’s feet in Back to the Future 2)?:


Either way, both kicks is hot, and me want immediately. And to add to the 80’s look, I want these as well (are you listening, mom?):



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I want these… right fucking now. They are incredibly refreshing and subtle for a Nike shoe. Unfortunately they’re only in Japan now, but will be released world wide this summer. For some strange reason I’m craving lemon meringue pie and a tall glass of lemonade… weird…

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The Hundreds is getting ready to release their Summer 2009 collection of sneakers. Available in a few different designs and colorways.   I’m in awe and super excited. What’s that? Huh? Yeah…I think my birthday is coming up soon…

Check out the shoes here.

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I might not own a boat, but you’d better believe I’d be on it motherfucker and I wouldn’t be wearing “flippy-floppys”, I’d be wearing Duffer Daps Deck Shoes. They come in four different colorways and make a pretty nice shoe for anything you wear this summer.  By the way, my birthday is coming up soon. Not really, but soon enough.

BUY @ Duffer of St. George — (¥7,875 or $78)

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I bet Stephen Hawking just pissed himself with glee. Now he can join the other boys in Rollerball. Okay I’m done. Yeah yeah, shame shame lightning bolt. Segway you made one piece of useless shit for lazy people, now your rolling out another (pun fully intended). By the way this is the P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility). Check the promo video after the break.

Personally I’ll wait for the Rollerball P.U.M.A. promo.

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I’m not going to lie, these shoes creep me the fuck out.  Regardless, I still want a pair.  Ministry of Criticism recently went on a “company” trip in the mountains for a hiking/camping trip.  We had such a good time that we decided to make plans for another trip this summer.  The location we go to, if you haven’t seen the pictures, is alongside a river.  In the summer it makes an ideal place for swimming and doing extremely stupid shit you wouldn’t do normally nor sober.  Anyways, we were talking about a solution to the problem of stubbed toes and next to impossible balance on slippery river rocks.  Yeah, this all could be avoided by not drinking, but what’s a trip without alcohol and 40ft trees falling on you (that’s another story…but only if you buy me a drink).  So the solution we’ve researched are Vibram‘s Five Finger shoes.  They are designed to give you better balance and posture as well as protection for your feet when engaged in most water sports.  No not R. Kelly style, you know what I mean jackass.   Anyways, the shoes range from $75-$85 on Vibram‘s website.  We will be testing them this summer and will give you a review soon…

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