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So usually skate parks consist of a large area covered in concrete obstacles with nothing in place to help reduce “urban heat island” effect in addition to effectively draining storm water. Well out in Portland, Oregon at the Ed Benedict Skate Plaza, New Line Skateparks has spearheaded the issue by incorporating trees and native plants, known as “green channels” and “bio filtration islands”, to help relieve storm water runoff and filter it back into the earth.  Hopefully more and more of these will be popping up around the states. Check out more photos of Ed Benedict Skate Plaza after the break:

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So yeah, this is the softer side of Yukon (alexander), but I saw this treehouse today and nearly lost myself.  This is truly amazing. How a group of people led by Linda Aldredge, built this amazing self sustainable structure in the middle of northern NY, still blows my mind and makes my heart yearn for anything that would crawl close to this caliber.  Amenities include solar panels that are attached to the roof for any electrical needs (mainly an iPod for entertainment) and propane tanks for aiding in heat for the winter; not to mention mother nature’s ability to paint beautiful panoramas for your viewing pleasure nearly every single day.   Anyone wanting to follow suit only needs a few supplies…friends (check), imagination (check), booze; for morale (check), and lots of fucking wood + tools (hmmm…)  While I’m working on the latter, anyone wanting to check out more about the treehouse and ideal living (outside of city life) check out Linda’s blog.

Ps. Sorry for the repetitive parentheticals… seemed necessary at the time.

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Holy fucking awesome!!! This tactical crossbow sits on the trigger mechanism of an AR-15 and has custom bolts  that are made specifically for this crossbow that are 10x stronger than normal bolts.  The Tac 15 Crossbow also features a leverage crank to allow for setting a bolt extremely quickly, which would be super helpful when there are multiple zombies encroaching on you.  I want a zompocalypse to occur just to use this thing on those flesh eating sons of bitches. Imagine that scene in the remake of Dawn of the Dead when they’re sniping celebrity look-a-likes, but with the Tac 15 Crossbow (except not in german).

BUY — ($1300)

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Tired of looking like every other douche bag with a face mask??  Check out these face masks from Respro.  They go for about $50 and have renewable air filters at different price ranges and levels of filtration.  Definitely more exciting than those lame ass surgical masks.

BUY — ($50)

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Listen… I mean read… Summer is on the way. Do you even know where your grill is? Is it still on the porch? Or did some silly rascal steal it from you?  Whatever the case may be, this grill is awesome.  Not only is it portable so you can bring it inside or to the park but it’s aesthetically pleasing  as well.   You can hookup a small standard size 14oz propane tank to the regulator and you’re ready to go.  It comes in green, orange, blue, and red for $175. For another $20 you can get a carrying case.

BUY — ($175)

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So if you haven’t already done it, you should check out some of the photos from the MoC company camping trip also known as BGDCT09.  Moving on, I got a new solo tent for the trip, the Mountain Hardwear Sprite 1.  First off, it weighs about 3.5 lbs with the footprint, making it ideal for backpacking.  It’s a 3 season tent that features a front vestibule to shelter gear and a floor plan that has enough room for one person and the essentials (like that bottle of Bulleit you smuggled in along with a platypus bag filled with coke).  The main architecture features mostly mesh which in incredibly nice weather provides a beautiful 360 degree view, but when the weather goes to hell just toss on the included rain fly to stay super dry.


BUY — ($170) / ($215 with Footprint)

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