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As the banner above (taken directly from Evernote.com) mentions, Evernote is a piece of software that allows you to sync content from all over the place. Once an (free) account is created, notes can be made from a number of places:

1) Locally on a computer, using their Mac or PC software.
2) iPhone application.
3) Evernote.com. 

Once a note is made (text, audio, or images are acceptable forms of notes – it can even read text FROM images!), content can be synced to-and-from the Evernote universe/cloud.

From a monetary perspective, Evernote banks on the fact that hardcore users of their product will need more bandwidth, which you have to pay monthly for. But, for the average user (like myself – I’ve been a user for almost a year), their 40MB per month cap is more than enough.

So, if you’re like me, and what all of your todos/homework/grocery lists to be synced to multiple locations, CHECK OUT EVERNOTE!


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The common “tagline” for this one is “Thanks, Baby. You’ve killed us all.”


This “comic” is an obvious attack on rednecks and hillbillies…

Bennett_Swine Flu

I have no idea what this is about:


This is a badass swine flu mask. Plus, the guys sporting a Volcom shirt (so, extra “cool points”):


Obviously, this guy is being studied for his swine flu symptoms to help the detection for others. But he has another, bigger, problem: HIS ORGANS ARE EXPOSED!


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So, for those new to Twitter (or those who need to jump on board already!), a couple of trends have started around the ideas and conversations about zombies. The first, #MFZAR mondays, was mentioned in a prior thread by Alex. The second is #zombietalk, where “Agent M” of Marvel.com comes up with a topic that everyone involved on Twitter, discusses publicly. This thursday, Agent M (aka Ryan Penagos) decided on this topic:

So, today’s #zombietalk topic is Zombie Trek. Come up with zombie Star Trek episode/movie titles, photoshops, ideas, etc.

And here are some of my favorite ideas by other Twitter users:

“Zombie Tribble Trouble” by Zeblue_Prime:


I_Am_Ninja has a great movie idea:

Zombie Trek: The Next Regeneration! #zombietalk

Santa Francisca has a great line to appear in a movie/episode of Star Trek:

 Kirk: “Spock…” Spock: “You have & always will be…undead.”

Follow all #zombietalk action on Twitter!

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BestSwineFlu.com is actively tracking the status of the H1N1 virus throughout the United States as well as the rest of the world.  This is a good place to find information on the virus as well as how to prevent from getting it.  However there is one article in the “Outbreak” section that I highly recommend. Read it here.

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Billy Marks is a professional skateboarder.

He, evidently, is also a badass at making crazy basketball shots.

The Berrics hooks us all up with some footage of his madness:

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Andy Ihnatko and Scott Bourne. Both are names that are associated with Mac, Technology, and Podcasting. Both are also the founders and bloggers of MYDL.ME, a website dedicated to digital backup. Here’s an excerpt from their about page:

The Managing Your Digital Life Podcast & Blog is your destination for information on how to deal with all the electronic stuff you accumulate during your daily life. We’re here to answer questions like: What sort of hard drive should I buy? How do I create a backup plan? What’s the difference between backup and archive?

Now, some of you will ask: “Isn’t this just a shameless plug and attempt to win a Drobo from Scott Bourne?” I will probably answer, “Yes.” But please visit their site, it will only increase my odds of winning the Data Robotics storage device that will be the end all solution to all of my backup needs. Please!!!



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Maybe it’s the impending release of Resident Evil 5…
Maybe it’s the popularity of Left 4 Dead…
Maybe everyone is finally getting around to seeing the remake of Dawn of the Dead (my favorite zombie movie, by the way)…

What ever the case may be, the knowledge and communication about zombie culture is growing by leaps and bounds. Everyone is talking about them. Hell, some group of guys formally-named Fesca (*nudge* Alex… *nudge*) may even make a badass zombie movie, one of these days. Whatever it is, I love it. Zombies are the coolest things since the invention of the skateboard. And don’t even get me started on zombie skateboarders — those fuckers are dangerous.

Anyways, in addition to some of the prior posts and websites we’ve mentioned, here are two more to fuel your zombie-loving needs. The first is a wordpress blog entitled, “Don’t Eat My Brain,” done by a zombie-fearing woman known as mayafish on Twitter.


The next is an informative website designed to shine light on the truths and myths of zombie-hunting, and crisis safety. The site reminds me of the same energy Max Brook’s book “Zombie Survival Guide” gives off.


Unless you don’t have an active Internet connection (which doesn’t explain how you got here in the first place, you crazy bastard), check out these sites. Your life could depend on it.

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