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I feel like a douche because Uncrate already reviewed this just in time for spring, but I love this stuff. I picked up my first bottle of Bulleit (pronounced “bullet”) almost a year ago when they originally posted about it.  It is honestly the smoothest bourbon that I have ever tasted. Don’t get me wrong I love Maker’s, but it can’t compare to the sweet smokey oak taste of Bulleit.  If you ever see me at a bar, this is what I prefer next to beer. Yeah, that’s right. Beer or Bulleit.

PS. The bottle is pretty fucking awesome too.


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Have you ever been in a situation and you had absolutely no idea how to act? For instance, you’re at a bar, trying to get a drink, what do you do? OR…Say you see a friend that you haven’t seen in a while…should you hug him, if yes then how? These are the type of questions that plaque the modern man. Well rest assured, there is a solution. Watch and learn…

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Okay, so a friend of mine and I were drinking the other night, and he asked for a suggestion for his next beer. I asked if he had ever had Mickey’s malt liquor beer before. He said “no”, so he ordered it.  Now, I’ve had Mickey’s before, but I’ve always ordered at the bar and they’ve always thrown the cap in the trash. Motherfuckers! Apparently every Mickey’s beer bottle cap has a riddle underneath (see above). That is fucking awesome! I love it. Everyone always gets so philosophical when drinking, well now you can tell them to shut the hell up and solve a riddle.  Anyways, I’ve only run into one so far that I couldn’t solve, but they are really fun to figure out with friends, so fun in fact that I think I’ll go have a few.


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The Girlfriend

I saw this for the first time tonight while watching the Lakers/Cavs game on TNT. It’s certainly in the running.

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Boss pissing you off? Girlfriend won’t leave you alone when you’re trying to chill with guys? Kids running around like those winged monkeys from the Wizard of Oz?  Well rather than spending a lot of time in court and even longer in prison, just take a few drops of this.  It’s a plant and flower-based natural remedy created by a 1930’s English doctor.  It combines flower essences and enough brandy to make Hemingway happy.  Just put a few drops in your drink or directly onto your tongue, and instant bliss. Works on kids and pets too.

BUY IT — ($15)

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Okay okay, so other than just saying “it’s cold asshole get used to it”,  we are giving you an escape to warmer temperatures and this sweet tea vodka is going to help.  It’s definitely a drink for the summer, but seeing as it’s pretty damn cold out, you can plug in that S.A.D. light hidden deep in your closet, along with the khaki shorts, flowered shirt and straw hat and then sip on this southern libation.

The vodka is distilled with tea leaves for a lengthy time under the warm sun of South Carolina.  It tastes exactly like sweet tea especially depending on your sobriety. Now, you’ve got to understand, I HATE SWEET TEA, I’ve lived in the south for almost 19 years and that shit still hasn’t grown on me. I’m a yankee at heart, but damn does this stuff go down easy.  Definitely a change from normal vodka. Anyways if you want to get drunk like a true southern gentleman, then here’s how to do it:

1 part firefly sweet tea vodka
1 part lemonade


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