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Alright, so as the temperature warms up it’s about time to break out the Kool-Aid.  Yeah, that’s right, we all miss the stained teeth and imitation “why so serious?” smile (by the way, I hate that fucking movie, but we’ll debate on this later). If you don’t like Kool-Aid you’re a horrible fucking liar. So, anyways, what’s your favorite flavor?

ps. white rum goes awesomely with grape.


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I’ve heard great things about a new(-ish) drink called Brain Toniq from a variety of sources: Leo Laporte (of ZDTV, TechTV, and TWiT), Chris Pirillo (also from TechTV, he now does frequent videocasting via YouTube), and random people off my favorite social networking tool, Twitter. For those of you that don’t know what Brain Toniq is, its an all natural drink that increases focus and decreases “mind fog.” Instead of using caffeine and increased sugar, Brain Toniq uses agave nectar.

With all of this positive exposure that Brain Toniq has been getting, I started to actively seek it out.It started with some research as to who carried the product. According to BrainToniq.com, there wasn’t a close retailer that stocked the drink. I had heard (from Twitter users) that Brain Toniq was stocked in some Whole Foods. Because there’s one about 10 minutes from my apartment, I checked too see if they did. Nope. That’s when I decided to contact Whole Foods via Twitter.

Whole Foods responded quickly. And, a week after submitting a product request form, my local Whole Foods tested, liked, and started stocking it!

I’ve had a few cans today (picked up 8 this morning), and can now recommend this drink to EVERYONE.

Organic: ingredients, taste, and feeling.
No withdrawls/crashes like with energy drinks.
Tastes delicious. Seems like it would be a good mixer (organic Jaeger bomb?)

Expensive. At Whole Foods, $9.99 per 4-pack.
Only comes in cans. I guess as the company grows, the more likely they are to ship in various containers…

(And for those who might ask – I haven’t combined it with Jaeger, yet…)

Buy A Case Today!

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