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So usually skate parks consist of a large area covered in concrete obstacles with nothing in place to help reduce “urban heat island” effect in addition to effectively draining storm water. Well out in Portland, Oregon at the Ed Benedict Skate Plaza, New Line Skateparks has spearheaded the issue by incorporating trees and native plants, known as “green channels” and “bio filtration islands”, to help relieve storm water runoff and filter it back into the earth.  Hopefully more and more of these will be popping up around the states. Check out more photos of Ed Benedict Skate Plaza after the break:

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So yeah, this is the softer side of Yukon (alexander), but I saw this treehouse today and nearly lost myself.  This is truly amazing. How a group of people led by Linda Aldredge, built this amazing self sustainable structure in the middle of northern NY, still blows my mind and makes my heart yearn for anything that would crawl close to this caliber.  Amenities include solar panels that are attached to the roof for any electrical needs (mainly an iPod for entertainment) and propane tanks for aiding in heat for the winter; not to mention mother nature’s ability to paint beautiful panoramas for your viewing pleasure nearly every single day.   Anyone wanting to follow suit only needs a few supplies…friends (check), imagination (check), booze; for morale (check), and lots of fucking wood + tools (hmmm…)  While I’m working on the latter, anyone wanting to check out more about the treehouse and ideal living (outside of city life) check out Linda’s blog.

Ps. Sorry for the repetitive parentheticals… seemed necessary at the time.

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This is my dream… I want to quit work right now and jump aboard this adventure.  Swimming Cities include a fleet of 3 vessels that were built from found materials including a modified engine from an old diesel Mercedes.   The crews consist of 30 artists from the states that will be traversing from Slovenia to Venice, Italy.  Check out their site for more info!

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For those of us who have either lived in or visited a busy metropolitan city it is a clear fact that walking can be a major pain in the rear. First of all you have to walk…eck…who wants to exercise. Secondly, if you are a cheapskate and you don’t want to pay for cab fare or take the train, trolley, or other public transport then walking can be an even bigger pain. Now, thanks to Anton Grimes of University of New South Wales you don’t have to worry about walking. The Link scooter system, was deigned by Grimes to be a Sydney 2030 plan to reduce cars in the CBD (Central Business District) and make the city more pedestrian oriented. Essentially, the idea works like this, you go up to this light pole looking thingy, pop off a scooter, put on the helmet you are required to wear, as mentioned when you register to use the system, vrroom around town and then put the scooter into another charging station. Now, I know you bike-lovers out there are saying, “Why not just use a bike?’ To that I say,”Get with the times people!” Bikes are sooo 90’s and scooters are the wave of the future! Granted, I would be curious to learn how Grimes would prevent these scooters from being stolen. I mean unless there was some tracking device inside you are going to have a hard time keeping them. True, the devices would eventually run out of power, but let’s face it…people love to steal. Did you ever hear the song, “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar”? I rest my case.

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Sign me up! This shit is ridiculously amazing.  Adam Kalkin is making “homes” out of shipping containers. They are called “Quik Houses” and go for about $180k minimum.  They are made of 75% recycled materials and optional green items include solar panels, wind energy sourcing, and a “green” roof system that consists of  a grass/garden covered roof. Fucking phenomenal!

Check it out!

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nothing cardboard offices window photo

How do you take nothing and turn it into something? Well, I was never really all that creative but it seems like the firm Nothing found a way to answer that question.  Made by Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk, the Nothing offices help to convey the companies desire to develop ideas into reality. In this case, transforming a “nothing” material like cardboard, into a fully-functional office space…a.k.a something.  A bit of a long-winded description on my part but you get the general idea…or at least I hope you do…

Photos by Joachim Baan

Artwork by Fiodor Sumkin

See More of Nothing here:

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