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Popcap Games, creator of titles such as Zuma, Peggle, and Bejeweled, has released a new treasure: Plants Vs. Zombies. Available for both Mac and PC (Console and mobile versions coming soon), this game is the first I’ve seen that brings together both our green-colored world-sharers, and those dastardly flesh-eating corpses we call zombies, in one setting. Earlier attempts at such a thing: Basil Vs. Zombies, and Gardenia Evil 3, failed miserably.


Plants Vs. Zombies excels in many areas. First, it keeps cartoony flair that not only appeals to the younger crowd, but allows for solo play even late at night, without fear of pissing your pants. The way the zombies are rendered, you know they will not harm you – but it’s still intense when your field of plants is in danger.

Secondly, being a casual game, Plants Vs. Zombies is a title that is easy to pickup-and-go, meaning that even if you only have 15 minutes to spare or are busy watching Star Trek, you can still enjoy smaller tidbits of fun. Plus, each level only lasts about 10 minutes, so it can work around any schedule.

Lastly, considering that the world we currently live in is becoming more of a multi-platform society, Pop Cap’s decision to develop for the Mac was a wise one. Case in point: If Pop Cap didn’t make Plants Vs. Zombies for the Mac, I wouldn’t have purchased it. (That is, until the Xbox 360 or iPhone version were made available).

All of that said, if you enjoy zombie culture OR herbology:

GET THIS GAME! ($19.99)

(picture(s) and video(s) courtesy/rights of PopCap Games)

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For those skateboarding game aficionados out there, you (like Alexander and I) have probably been playing EA’s Skate franchise for the last couple of years. After looking at Tony Hawk’s new upcoming series, ‘Ride,’ I have a feeling that the next few years will be no different.

Image used from http://www.gamespot.com

Tony Hawk, a legend among legends in skateboarding, revolutionized the skateboarding genre of the video game industry back in 1999 with the release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. And for years, there was no competition (unless you want to include the buggy-as-hell Thrasher game or the ‘Top Skater’ arcade game that sucked-ass-but-i-still-played-the-hell-out-of) – until EA released Skate for Playstation 3/Xbox 360. It all went downhill from there for the Tony Hawk series.

Understandably, Tony wants to bring new life to his namesake series. But after seeing the in-game footage, I have doubts that it will do his name any justice. The ONLY thing that looks cool about this new game to me, is the awesome controller. I have a feeling that EA is watching Tony’s moves, and will make his controller compatible with THEIR game. Only time will tell…

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So, you think a video on Youtube of a Left4Dead player blowing up one of his friends would be funny, wouldn’t you? Well, you’re damn wrong. This video sucks my ass. In fact, it sucks so bad, they tried to diverge from the suckage by starting the video with a 30 second intro! What is this, middle school?

I don’t know what’s more depressing: that the video already has 20k+ hits, or that it will get more views because I’m about to post the shit…


LeVar Burton says:

“But, don’t take my word for it!”

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Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

Looking for a new XBLA title? Log onto Xbox Live ASAP, head to Marketplace and d/l this demo.

Ticket to Ride got its start as a board game in 2004. It’s cut from the same delicious mold as other deep German-Style board games such as the bestselling Settlers of Catan (also available on XBLA). It takes about 5 minutes to learn to play, and a typical game lasts about 25-35 minutes.

The game boasts an impressive transition to consoles, offering up simple controls, leaderboards, 5 man multiplayer and a growing community. If you like board games, trains, strategy, or a competitive multiplayer experience then this game is definitely for you. The full game is 800 msp and has two expansions already available: ‘USA 1910’ for 400 msp, and ‘Ticket to Ride: Europe’ for 600 msp.

Gimme a shout if you’re looking for a game. Gamertag: THAMILL

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So, Skate 2 features a challenge that by default, would be impossible to beat. You have to face Mike Carroll and Eric Koston in an intense game of S.K.A.T.E. over a metal barrier (using a picnic table as a makeshift ramp). The problem with this scenario is that Koston and Carroll NEVER FALL.

I consider myself an expert at Skate. I played the hell out of the first version, and have played this sequel constantly since its release (see our prior posts in this category). But this challenge took several hours of my life, and shat on it. That’s right, shat right on it…

But, after research, the interwebz revealed to me that multiple people had located a “glitch” that made Eric Koston and Mike Carroll to fall regardless of what trick was done over the barrier. The short and dirty version of the glitch:

  1. Start the challenge.
  2. After Koston does the first trick, quit the challenge.
  3. Skate up the spillway (away from the challenge)and find the metal barrier that’s laying down. You have to use this one (even though there are two that are closer and would be easier to use – they DON’T WORK).
  4. Drag the barrier all the way back to where Koston and Carroll are.
  5. Put the barrier parallel to the higher end of the picnic table, making it very close, but not touching.
  6. Start the challenge again, and after Koston lands his first trick, neither pro will land a trick again. From there, you can kicklip, ollie, etc., and they will always fail. EASY!

Peak the video explanation: (not my video, by the way)

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I’m a sucker for zombie anything, like everyone on this site.  So after playing Left 4 Dead on 360, I’ve been looking for something new to play and Sega is giving me just that. The House of the Dead: Overkill, (which releases… 10 February,  but if everyone remembers with the Skate 2 post, it will be available to buy on 11 February). Anyways, it is a Tarantino-esque like movie/video game hybrid that has plenty of blood, guts, violence, strong language, and partial nudity.  The perfect combination to receive an M rating and the perfect combination for a kick ass game. Check out the trailer after the break.

BUY — ($49.99 Wii Only)

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It’s out.

UPDATE: NOW IT’S OUT. (22 January 2009) For now on I will make sure I can get my grubby hands on it first.


BUY IT — ($59.99)

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