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So usually skate parks consist of a large area covered in concrete obstacles with nothing in place to help reduce “urban heat island” effect in addition to effectively draining storm water. Well out in Portland, Oregon at the Ed Benedict Skate Plaza, New Line Skateparks has spearheaded the issue by incorporating trees and native plants, known as “green channels” and “bio filtration islands”, to help relieve storm water runoff and filter it back into the earth.  Hopefully more and more of these will be popping up around the states. Check out more photos of Ed Benedict Skate Plaza after the break:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Via (Inhabitat)


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For those skateboarding game aficionados out there, you (like Alexander and I) have probably been playing EA’s Skate franchise for the last couple of years. After looking at Tony Hawk’s new upcoming series, ‘Ride,’ I have a feeling that the next few years will be no different.

Image used from http://www.gamespot.com

Tony Hawk, a legend among legends in skateboarding, revolutionized the skateboarding genre of the video game industry back in 1999 with the release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. And for years, there was no competition (unless you want to include the buggy-as-hell Thrasher game or the ‘Top Skater’ arcade game that sucked-ass-but-i-still-played-the-hell-out-of) – until EA released Skate for Playstation 3/Xbox 360. It all went downhill from there for the Tony Hawk series.

Understandably, Tony wants to bring new life to his namesake series. But after seeing the in-game footage, I have doubts that it will do his name any justice. The ONLY thing that looks cool about this new game to me, is the awesome controller. I have a feeling that EA is watching Tony’s moves, and will make his controller compatible with THEIR game. Only time will tell…

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For those unfamiliar with skate terminology, tre flip = 360 flip = 360 kickflip.

While flicking the skateboard like a kickflip, you have to give enough scoop to make the board rotate 360 degrees WHILE flipping. It’s a beloved trick among skateboarders, and a harder trick to make look good. The following skaters have the best tre flips in skateboarding:

Justin Brock (He’s from the “Dirty South,” like us!)

Mark Appleyard

Chris Cole

Bryan Herman

Photos used courtesy of: WZA_HK (user on Flickr), 411vm.com, Photobucket, and Escapistskateboarding.com, in that order.

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Billy Marks is a professional skateboarder.

He, evidently, is also a badass at making crazy basketball shots.

The Berrics hooks us all up with some footage of his madness:

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For those who haven’t heard of him, Grant Taylor is an Atlanta local skateboarder that is moving on up in the industry. His dad runs Stratosphere, a skateshop in little five points, Atlanta (and is also a pretty good skateboarder).

Grant was recently featured (and interviewed) in the Skateboarder Magazine, and Atlanta Hates Us posted some of the photos used in the feature:






Peep the Atlanta Hates Us article for some more!

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Alien Workshop has a reputation in the skateboarding community for making “artsy” videos that include some of the sickest (slang term for cool) skateboarding. Mind Field (2009) is no exception. Arto Saari also makes his first appearance on video since he left long-time sponsor, Flip. (his part is my favorite)

Mind Field features parts from several well-known skateboarders (see flyer below), and music from Animal Collective (personal favorite of Yukonalexander), Elliott Smith, Dinosaur Jr., and even Morrissey. 

So, peep the trailer below. You’ll like it, I promise. If not, you’ll learn to like it.


Buy the video @ The Berrics

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What happens if you take the Denzel Washington film “Training Day” and do the following:

  1. Fire Denzel Washington.
  2. Fire the rest of the cast/crew.
  3. No longer focus on making a film. A 4-minute clip of skateboarding will do.
  4. Take and edit footage of Steve Berra, Mike Taylor, Sean Malto, and Kerry Getz doing various tricks in attempt to “train” themselves on a rainy day.

Still curious? What you get is an excellent clip of skateboarding from The Berrics. Peak it:

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