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Not man enough to open a bottle of wine??? Maybe the Bourgeois Brass Knuckle wine opener would help put some pep in your step ya fuckin’ milk toast.

Oh and this is just a concept for now… too bad for you…

Check out more of Chromoly’s work here.


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5.11 Tactical has your ass when it comes to fighting zombies. They stock everything from military grade flashlights to my personal favorite, tactical vests. A standard for law enforcement since the 1970’s, 5.11 Tactical gear was designed for combat AND flexibility/comfort.

First, you can start with a mesh concealed vest. With it, you can attach armor plates, and pouches custom designed for various things (GPS, grenades, water bottles, bullet clips (pictured below)):

Picture courtesy of 511.tactical


Then, you need to make sure you have a reliable timer, compass, and time-keeper. Once again, 511.Tactical has you covered:


And we all know that the scariest time to battle the undead is in the night. 511.Tactical manufactures the following flashlight that is not only LED powered (3 of ’em), but it long-lasting (50,000 hours) and virtually indestructible…


All pictures taken from (and courtesy of) 511tactical.com.


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Besides providing more unintentional comedy than a barrel of babies, the Swine Flu has highlighted our world’s current inability to get the job done facing a global pandemic. That being said, what can we do about it? My suggestion – grab some friends and throw down with Pandemic.

Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself.

Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself.

Pandemic is unlike most board games in that it plays as a cooperative game (Left4Dead anyone?) rather than every man for himself. At the start of the game four diseases sprout up all around the globe. Each turn the pandemic grows, but it’s up to the players to maximize their abilities by working together in an attempt to cure the diseases before all hell breaks loose. Each player takes the role of a specialist, entitling the player to a unique ability that’s imperative to the team’s success. So the choice is yours: sit around and wait to die, or get off your ass and learn how to squash a global pandemic.

BUY IT – $29.19

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I really want these.  Check out more at Donkey Products.

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This seems like a great idea until you actually get shot by the police or some gun toting maniac.  Hmm… let’s give it a shot… uh.. ohhhh… I made a funny.

Via Franziska Dierschke

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I wish this was an actual product rather than just a concept.  Bruce (my dog) and I want it now, so much so that I’m thinking of making it. No no no I’ll just wait until Thabto releases. Or will I?…

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Now that Polaroid film is dead, how are you going to compete with those hipster douche bags?  Just say fuck it, and buy a mirror that looks like a Polaroid.  Now you can fix your shotgun blast in a frame that resembles your meager attempt at creativity.

BUY — ($29)

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