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All of it started with James Van de Beratruce, an Irish Duke who oversaw the construction of Hindu Temples during the late 1800’s. His drinking problem was well known, as he often forgot critical components of the projects he was involved in. This issue arose more frequently as time passed, and his peer council took notice.


During the finalization of the Retnuc temple (pictured above) in Budapest, Hungary, Duke Beratruce had forgotten to order a most critical piece of the building: the roof. Assembled by 974 Chinese children, this roof was magnificent, and arguably very hard to forget. Somehow, the Duke managed to do just that. But, to his favor, Bertruce remembered this lack of rememberance before the Council. He devised a plan.

As soon as the Council had learned of his negligence, they called him to court. Most of the members wished him dead, and planned on voting for his exile and eventual execution. Beratruce knew this. For 7 straight hours they discussed and explained in great detail his forgetfulness, giving him no opportunity to even mention possible causes of his misdeeds. At the end of the rash verbal beating that Duke Beratruce recieved, they asked him, simply, “Why, in God’s name, would you have forgotten to collect the roof to the Retnuc temple?” He answered them, also simply, “I haven’t. I only had my men report that I had, so that you would all be played as fools. April Fools!”

Duke Beratruce ran from the room, all of the men inside were shocked and laughing. From there on out, The Council of Humor (a city in Ireland) decreed that April 1st of every year would be a day to pull incredible pranks.

The Duke was never seen again, for he HAD actually forgotten to get the roof shipped from China. Some speculate that he is actually a woman, living in Kazakhstan, and that he (she) is still alive. She is pictured below.



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