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The common “tagline” for this one is “Thanks, Baby. You’ve killed us all.”


This “comic” is an obvious attack on rednecks and hillbillies…

Bennett_Swine Flu

I have no idea what this is about:


This is a badass swine flu mask. Plus, the guys sporting a Volcom shirt (so, extra “cool points”):


Obviously, this guy is being studied for his swine flu symptoms to help the detection for others. But he has another, bigger, problem: HIS ORGANS ARE EXPOSED!



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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Okay, okay…that’s enough of that..I want a happy meal right now…om nom nom nom.

Via Bent Objects

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nothing cardboard offices window photo

How do you take nothing and turn it into something? Well, I was never really all that creative but it seems like the firm Nothing found a way to answer that question.  Made by Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk, the Nothing offices help to convey the companies desire to develop ideas into reality. In this case, transforming a “nothing” material like cardboard, into a fully-functional office space…a.k.a something.  A bit of a long-winded description on my part but you get the general idea…or at least I hope you do…

Photos by Joachim Baan

Artwork by Fiodor Sumkin

See More of Nothing here:

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Yeah you red… oops read that right. Jenny Wicks is a photographer who became incredibly infatuated with gingers.   It began with personal curiosity and developed into what the FBI would consider an investigation.  She’s recently released a book, “Root Ginger”, that entails photographs of more than 70 redheads, as well as a 20 minute documentary covering myths and insight of the mysterious lives of gingers.

BUY THE BOOK — (£22/$31)

UPDATE: I feel weak. Strange.

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Want a new piece of art to display? Need that faded ink touched up?   Want to go to a fucking awesome tattoo/piercing parlor that’s super lax and super talented? If you said no to any of these, stop being a pussy.  Anyways, Overlord Tattoo is run by Shane Willoughby (the owner), whom I have personally worked with and Mark Magee who I’ve briefly met and seems to be fucking awesome hence his amazing portfolio.  So yeah, drop em a line and go get some work done.


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Banksy has definitely out down himself.  Yeah, yeah it’s old news ( 10/2008 ) but I wanted to show it to you guys.  I really wish i would have been able to see this, it’s fucking amazing.   Rather than stenciled graffiti and clever museum additions he’s now moved to animatronics, and not just shitty disney animatronics either, this shit looks so realistic!  Check out the video after the break.

Check Out More of Banksy’s Work

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little people london slinkachu lessons photo little people snail slinkachu photo

With all the things in life it is sometimes hard to remember to take time to appreciate all the simple pleasures that life as to offer. This is certainly not the case with London based artist Slinkachu. Part street art installation , part photography,  Slinkachu’s art is a refreshing view of how many times we as a people overlook the littlest things that, more times than not, are of the biggest importance.

On a side note, how awesome would it be to take down a massive-mutated bumblebee with only a rifle…yeah

Check out more of Slinkachu’s work  

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